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High Intensity Discharge (HID)

Experience superior technology exceeding brightness and lifetime of halogen capsules, with lower energy consumption for specific HID-enabled applications.

Key Features

  • A superior lighting technology producing a much more powerful beam compared to halogen technology
  • Xenon gas uses less energy and last longer
  • Vivid and bright light output


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to change the left and right bulbs at the same time?

We strongly recommend replacing bulbs as a pair, especially for headlamps and fog lamp applications. After a period of usage, bulbs will start to dim. Replacing only one bulb will lead to light imbalance.

Why can't I touch the bulb glass with my fingers? What happens if I do?

When your fingers come into contact with the bulb glass, alkaline compounds and oil residue are transferred onto the glass. When the bulb is in operation, these cause uneven heating at the contact spots, which can weaken the glass structure. As a result bulb lifespan will be reduced. The glass may crack under uneven heat conditions — and in rare extreme cases — the bulb may even explode.

Therefore, always use gloves when handling bulbs — and avoid touching the glass with bare hands.