January 2019 Newsletter


The OSK brand is an economical filter brand designed to meet the demand for efficiency, life expectancy, vibration and impulses demanded by modern day vehicles and equipment. We provide OSK Filters in their full range of filters that are catered for oil, air and fuel.
Oil Filters
  • Optimum flow rate
  • Impressive acceleration power
  • ISO Quality Assurance
  • High-Quality Finishing
  • Low Smoke Emission
  • Extended Engine Life
  • Optimum coating for maximum corrosion-resistant
  • Well-designed thread for perfect fitting 
Air Filters
  • Optimum pleat geometry and stability by special designed embossing
  • Sustains consistently high engine performance even in extreme temperature
  • Consistently high filtration even in humid and wet condition
  • Well fits the housing and optimum seal to prevent any bypassing 
Fuel Filters
  • Economical fuel consumption
  • Low smoke emission
  • Reliable at extremely high/low temperatures
  • High stability under high pressure
616C @ K595
650C @ K1210
658C @ K1220
668P @ K1265
669P @ K1135
SMF100 @ K1575
  • Terms & Conditions Apply
  • Cash Customers Only
  • While Stocks Last
622 @ K675
630 @ K560
631 @ K535
650 @ K885
652 @K795
657 @K846
638 @ K735
658 @ K1090
671 @ K1050
638L @ K735​
  • Terms & Conditions Apply
  • Cash Customers Only
  • While Stocks Last
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